software design

Thaddeus Thomas

Thaddeus Thomas is a freelance software architect and visualization programmer. He is also a video artist specializing in video-computer effects using his own custom code. He currently works for the AMEX NASDAQ stock exchange in New York City. His varied experience of programming in multi-platform environments, combined with his creativity and open-mindedness as an artist in his own right, makes him the ideal technological partner for [The User].

His role in the Symphony project was to develop the software interface which [The User] employs to animate the performance instrument. This included a control master, PC slaves and a custom serial network protocol.

Thomas has been involved in the Symphony project since February 1998.

silent partner

Stephanie Bolster

Stephanie Bolster is a poet who looks beyond the written word to painting, to music, and to the worlds of photography and science. Her first book, White Stone: The Alice Poems (Véhicule Press), was inspired by Alice in (and out of) Wonderland, and won the Governor General's Award for Poetry in 1998. Her second, the recently-published Two Bowls of Milk (McClelland & Stewart), looks at, among other things, a series of early stop-motion photographs of a drop of water falling into a bowl of milk, and explores the alchemy of creation and of perception.

She has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and participated in the Writing Studios programme at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 1994. In 1996, she won the Bronwen Wallace Award, given to the most promising young Canadian poet who had not then published a first book. Nearly two hundred of her poems have appeared in literary journals and anthologies internationally, from Breathing Fire: Canada's New Poets to Poetry Ireland, and her poetry has been translated into French and Italian. Her poems appeared at the Ottawa Art Gallery as part of the Between Artists and Writers exhibit, for which she was commissioned to write poetry in response to the work of local visual artists.

Bolster has been interviewed for CBC's 'This Morning' and 'The Arts Tonight' and profiled in the Ottawa Citizen, the Montréal Gazette, and Ottawa City (forthcoming). Born in Vancouver and raised in Burnaby, B.C., she now lives in Ottawa where she teaches creative writing and is the Assistant Editor of Vernissage, the magazine of the National Gallery of Canada.



Dave Ozsvari

Dave Ozsvari is a practitioner of the black art of electrical engineering. Ozsvari's role in the symphony project is as technical advisor and master technologue - builder of black boxes.

We ask him no questions and he tells us no lies.

Ozsvari's involvement with the Symphony project dates to April 1998.


sound engineer

Jean-Pierre Côté,


Jean-Pierre Côté a étudié la musique au Conservatoire. Il s'est ensuite perfectionné à l'étranger, surtout en Espagne. Il devient ensuite sonorisateur, par le biais de la musique électroacoustique. Il se définit comme musicien au sens large, qu'il en soit à tourner les boutons d'une console ou à composer, ou à théoriser, ou écrire. Passionné de textures sonores et de leur pouvoir sur l'inconscient de l'auditeur, il tente de créer un rapport intime entre le mouvement dansé et l'espace qu'habitent ces sons. Les musiques manipulées en temps réel deviennent ainsi, à grands coups de subtilités, un autre corps.

Côté a commencé sa collaboration au projet de la Symphonie en tant que consultant en sonorisation en octobre 1998.


html wizardry



this site was designed with the invaluable aid and assistance of the SAT's webmaster - jocool.


the stars of the show

The symphony employs a varying roster of 12 printers. The chosen few are listed below:

  1. Juki
  2. Epson FX 286e
  3. Epson TX-80B "Essna"
  4. Panasonic KX-P1124i
  5. Raven PR-2417 (x 2)
  6. Star Micronics Gemini-10x
  7. Epson LQ 1050 (x 2)
  8. Fujitsu DL 3400
  9. Epson "Dr. Who"
  10. Citizen "Swift"

we're looking for more printers!

If you happen to have another Epson TX-80B "Essna", a Citizen "Swift", or an Apple StyleWriter 1200 - we want it.